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I have been a small business owner for almost 30 years. In this time, I have experienced every up and every down (rock bottom down!) of owning your own business. I want to show you how to make yours rock solid! After several years of micro-business experience, I created a food distribution company that was successful and sold to a global company for big dollars. Looking back… I can attribute the success of this business to the systems I put in place for the business to be able to operate without me. I was not required TO constantly micro -managing or to be heavily involved in the basic operation aspects of the business.  The staff knew what was expected of them each day and the operation aspects were systemised so that I could run the business with a more hands-off approach and be hands on with raising my children.

Initial Business: Our wholesale business was supplying the hospitality industry with products and great customer service, so I was surrounded by food, customer service and small businesses that liked what they were doing. And doing very well from their passions of food and customer service. I was also selling what I classed as my passion.  So, after we sold the business, I decided to continue follow my passion and began my journey with the opening of cafes. Little did I realise what struggles were ahead.  Entrepreneur’s Journey: Being an entrepreneur, you are often attracted by the Bright Shiny Objects and the next best thing!  I was no different!  So, I took every opportunity that popped up and forgot the basic structure I had once followed to create my previous success!  As a result, the new business was terrible!

Growth was Nil!  Paying accounts was just impossible! I blamed my staff for the failures of my business!

So business was not good, the stores were not growing as they needed to in order to pay the accounts that kept flooding in. I blamed my staff for the failures of my business and the long hours I was working, and yes, I can now put my hand up and admit they were my failures, but at the time what my staff wanted was more and more from me and I had nothing left to give. I was trying to do everything at once because I didn’t have any structure or systems in place to manage the operational aspects so that I could focus on growing the business.  The hospitality industry I was in was very low on profit margins so good systems and strong structure is the only way to ensure profit.  Once these are in place then multiple locations work offering higher profit margins. I was doing it all backwards!

Control factor NIL! I spiralled out of control totally burning any relationship with all the wonderful staff that came through the doors as the lack of structure meant they had no idea what was expected of them every day, so after crashing and burning so badly and hurting many along the way,  I was fortunate enough to have some time to assess what went so wrong and what could have been better.

New Beginnings In that event, I have been fortunate to have time to assess and evaluate what went so wrong and how it could have been suitably better!

I HAD NO SYSTEM! I very quickly realised that if I had continued with the systems, I had previously created in the first business, I would still have those great staff and great stores! Offering wonderful customer service as they were happy!

SWOT With all the external factors that you deal with in small business it is SO important to have your internal factors working to fullest capacity.

For instance, the external factors are not noticed quite so severely.  For example your staff are so friendly and warm to your customers and you are delivering the exact product that they are looking for, when a new store opens up across the road it makes very little difference to your income as your customers are too happy to leave you!

Systems created Resulting from this experience, the last 2 years I have spent much time concentrating on learning Social Media platforms and how I can deliver my years of wisdom and knowledge as a service to all small businesses that need assistance in creating structure and growing their business.

I created this business to deliver a service to small business entrepreneurs (Consortium of Sedulous Entrepreneurs – I call them) that require assistance to develop the ability to grow their business.

The requirements for success with this program will be:

  •       Creating structure to grow
  •       Have passion for continuing their learning
  •       Enjoy and maintain the stamina for change within themselves and their business

BETA: I recently introduced the systems and new Social Media knowledge; I have created to several small businesses; on a Beta trial and BOOM SUCCESS!

The result has been they have developed new methods in both structure and marketing, that is assisting in the success of obtaining both growth and a better Quality of Life.


The program has changed their lives by allowing them to deliver a constant social media presence without the anguish previously involved and they are regaining their Quality of Life back as more customers are engaging with the business providing higher revenue.  They now have a documented system to ensure their marketing is fulfilled successfully from internal and relevant external stories within the business’ personality, maintaining an interest from their customer base.

SOCIAL MEDIA:The program assists to teach the you the structure needed to manage social media platforms to engage your DREAM customers.

  •       Building the brand awareness.
  •       Identity goals of the business.
  •       Formatting social media calendars.
  •       Engaging the appropriate audiences when marketing encouraging a higher ROI.


SYSTEMS: Most importantly, it has allowed the owners to regain a QUALITY OF LIFE, running a business not just creating themselves a job.

Their systems are ensuring that their marketing is increasing business, and works without constant micro-management.

Having experienced the success for these systems, in my early days and now the success of others with the BETA trials, I am confident that we can assist business entrepreneurs to build a successful STRUCTURE within their business, assisting to relieve the struggles all business owners experience with their social media marketing.

I have created these programs to assist other business entrepreneurs, new and old, to build a successful STRUCTURE by utilising the knowledge I have developed and introducing the programs to their small business, assisting them to create a QUALITY OF LIFE. Not a JOB.

Help regain that QUALITY OF LIFE we all deserve!

I want to ensure you are making the most profit you can to regain that Quality of Life we all desire!

Developing  your business it’s not just your job!


Welcome to Sway Social.





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