Understanding How to Drive your ROI with Marketing not Selling by Creating a Full Funnel

Whether you work as an independent entrepreneur or within a large company we all need to understand the complex differences in Marketing to your Audience and Selling to your Audience.

Keep your marketing accountable in the customer’s journey to make the sale. Start your journey with them at the beginning of their search.

In today’s world we really need to optimise our sales funnels to build relationships with your audience from the beginning of their journey.  Information saturates their worlds and as a customer they come to you for a sale more informed and way more savvy in their knowledge of what they require.  The position in which, you commence your involvement in the buyer’s journey is prevalent to your ability to be an influencing factor in their decision.  The digital world has disrupted the modern buyer’s behaviour so ensure your marketing is on point, so they are not discovering you further down the buyer journey and you finding that you are suffering with information inequality. Ensure you get in front of your audience early with engagement and creative informative content that offers value to them and continues your journey together to allow you the sales approach, as they are so well informed with information on how you/your business can help.

Look at the opportunities to deliver your message to your future buyers by discovering forums and platforms your audience are talking about you or your competition’s products.  Be in front by engaging with these potential customers by offering relevant informative engagement so you can be partners in the delivery of information influencing them towards their buying decision.

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