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About Me

I'm Deborah aka Boomer 4664

In this time, I have experienced every up and every down (rock bottom down!) of owning your own business, working long hours and missing loads of opportunities to be with family and friends.

Looking back… I can attribute the great times I had to the businesses that ran with systems.

The current power behind the internet has allowed me to transfer my learnings and implement them to several online businesses, again with great success!

I have developed a way to share my knowledge, teach you how to create a rock-solid business and one that works predominately passively!

This new Affiliate Marketing concept is allowing me to do what I want when I want.

Being 60 I don’t particularly want to retire but I do want to enjoy life more so after several years of micro-business experience, in which I created and sold some for big dollars I decided to take the leap into affiliate marketing.

Let me show you how you can build your new income encouraging a work life balance and build that revenue stream at the level you dream it to be!  No more 9 to 5 basic salary!

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Digital Marketing

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I use daily in my business and delve into how to create your strong brand


Funnel Strategies

These are the programs I use

to help grow my sales & increase my revenue

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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Boomer

The programs and tools that

help me make money. Let me show you the opportunities for you to do the same.

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All you need is to follow the program and set yourself up not to fail.

I am here to hold your hand until you are ready to fly on your own!

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My bricks & mortar business just escalated once I included a powerful sales funnel




Learning to take a breath and build relationships was so important to my end game.



Multiple Business Owner

Creating multiple incomes from my database was the difference between surviving and flourishing!

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